Help people repay money

We help businesses that collect money truly understand their customers by seamlessly integrating Open Banking into their business.

With frictionless real-time and accurate bank data categorisation and simple and consistent e-statements, we help businesses better serve their customers. Simple, seamless and secure account information sharing means less stress for potentially vulnerable customers and helps deliver faster, more accurate and sustainable outcomes.

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Help your customers achieve their financial goals

Help you customers achieve long term savings goals by encouraging financial behavioural change.

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Take the stress out of I&Es

Give your customers an easy and engaging way to complete Income and Expenditure assessments.

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Make realistic decisions based on real-time information

Give your agents a quick and easy way to verify your customers income.

We understand the challenges that collection businesses face


Removing vulnerable customer stress

For some of your customers, entering their bank to request 12 months of bank statements can be highly stressful. Open Banking makes it fast, simple and secure for your customers to provide full income and expense information direct into your business without the need for long, intrusive phone calls or requests for further information. It means you can help them quicker and they can get back on with their life. 


Timely repayment schedules

The OpenWrks applications allows your customers to show you what their financial life looks like, so you can tailor a repayment solution that fits into their lifestyle not just today but tomorrow as well. Allowing you to better balance the total cost to the customer while ensuring they still have enough money to stand on their own feet.

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Why OpenWrks?



You can spend the next 12 months building an Open Banking connection to hundreds of banks, and then the rest of your business life supporting that, or you can use OpenWrks.

With over 100 years combined experience and expertise within the credit, lending and collections industries, we understand the day to day challenges that both collectors and their customers face.


We built OpenWrks to provide solutions that collectors need in order to improve their customers everyday lives. Plus, we’re here to help. Not just tech support, we are practitioners, we turn data into valuable and actionable insight, partnering with us gives you access to our experts who can help you maximise Open Banking in your business today.

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We help businesses that help people

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Manage money

Help your customers take control of their financial future by powering your apps with real time spending, forecasting budgeting and money coaching tools.

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Borrow money

Help more people get the money they need and can afford. With bank verified affordability information you can make faster, more accurate and tailored lending decisions for every customer.