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We've created the OpenWrks toolkit to help the most ambitious and customer focussed financial services businesses create new solutions to their customers everyday challenges. By seamlessly integrating Open Banking data into your business and your processes, you can make more of the right customer decisions.

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OpenWrks API

Effortless integration with the OpenWrks API

The OpenWrks API seamlessly connects any of your customer’s bank accounts to your systems and processes, so you get the information you need exactly where and when you want it. 

We’ve connected with every UK bank through their secure Open Banking APIs, removing bloat and variability from those different connections so our clients don’t have to. The OpenWrks API provides a single, simple and secure way to integrate normalised, categorised and profiled customer bank data in the most flexible and scalable way.   

OpenWrks API
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Faster, more sustainable affordability

Make faster, more personalised and sustainable affordability decisions for every customer, with automated and bank verified affordability assessments. 

Tailor what income and expense information your customers need to provide to make the right affordability assessment everytime.   

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Instant access to bank statements

Save your customers time by taking away the need to download, scan and send statements, with instant access to 12 months of digital bank statements. Available to consume through the OpenWrks API  or our Surface Dashboard. 

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The OpenWrks platform

Built by experts from the credit risk, lending and collections industries, our cumulative 100 years of experience has allowed us to create the OpenWrks Platform. It powers everything we do at OpenWrks, and is made up of three key parts:



Flow is a GDPR and PSD2 compliant authentication journey that lets your customers give you permission to see their bank account information through a seamless, secure and customised journey.



The brains behind OpenWrks, engine transforms raw bank data from any UK bank into a standardised, categorised and profiled view of your customers’ income and spending patterns. 



Surface is how you receive your customers transformed bank data, so you get the answers you need exactly where you need them most. Whether that’s plugged directly into your existing systems via the OpenWrks API or if you just want the answer, you can use our out of the box surface dashboard.

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