At OpenWrks

We make Open Banking work to help everyone understand what they can afford.

By building the applications to help people understand what they can afford, we want to give everyone access to the financial products, services, and tools that they need the most.

Our founders know first hand the challenges that financial services businesses and their customers face. They have poured their years of experience and insight into building Open Banking applications that will help create a world where faster, better and more personalised financial products and services are available for all of us.

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Stuart Bungay

Co-Founder & Group CEO

Stuart is making Open Banking work to improve people's financial resilience. Using his experience within from TDX and Barclays, Stuart is driving industry change using Open Banking for good.

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Olly Betts

Co-Founder & OpenWrks CEO

Throughout his career, Olly has leveraged data and technology to improve outcomes for customers. As an Open Banking pioneer, Olly’s passion is making open banking work for everyone.

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Mitul Sudra

Co-Founder & CTO

A key figure at the very earliest stages of Open Banking's inception, Mitul is transforming the vision for Open Banking into real value. Mitul's team create the technology that powers everything OpenWrks does.

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Steve Bradford

Co-Founder & CCO

With more than twenty years of leadership experience at FICO, Experian, TDX and others, Steve focusses on data and technology to open new markets, launch new products and build high performing teams that radically improve financial lives.

Our story

September 2020

OpenWrks sells Aggregation Platform to Tink, to focus on taking our Open Banking powered applications to wider markets.

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May 2020

OpenWrks announces partnership with FICO to revolutionise credit scoring and affordability.

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August 2019

OpenWrks goes global by expanding connectivity outside of the UK. 

Our coverage
Product image about August 2019

August 2019

OpenWrks launch two new products. Money Coaching, helping people build financial resilience by making everyday savings. MyBudget, re-imagining income and expenditure with engaging and realistic budgets.

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June 2019

Tully makes it to the final of the Money20/20 Europe start up pitch, where Co-Founder, Stuart Bungay, pitched in front of more than three thousand people. 

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April 2019

OpenWrks graduates from Accenture FinTech Innovation Lab and showcases Tully to the world. 

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December 2018

OpenWrks was selected to take part in the Nationwide funded Open Banking for good scheme and was accepted onto the Accenture FinTech Innovation Lab London.

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September 2018

OpenWrks partners with financial inclusion start up Tully to expand product base. 

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July 2018

After building an Open Banking toolkit, OpenWrks won funding from the second round of the Nesta Open Up Challenge, helping SMEs get better access to funding. 

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January 2018

On the same day that the banks hit their Open Banking deadline, OpenWrks was named as the first third party to be authorised and listed in the Open Banking directory. 

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2015 - 2018

Over two years we launched two successful SME tools, and won more than five awards across, credit, Open Banking excellence and The Nesta Open Up Challenge. 

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January 2015

Launched and backed by venture builder Blenheim Chalcot in 2015, OpenWrks was created to use open data in order to provide small businesses with the tools and services they needed to grow.  

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