Faster, more sustainable and more engaging income and expenditure

MyBudget takes all of the worst things about traditional income and expenditure assessments - long phone calls, pages and pages of forms and inaccurate figures - and makes it engaging, fast and more accurate for your business and your customers.

Using real-time account information, MyBudget builds more sustainable bank verified I&E budgets, so that you always make sure your customers get the right financial outcome.

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The use cases


The problem:

Resources, time and money are dedicated to contacting and engaging customers to complete Income and Expenditure assessments. Agents spend up to one hour with each customer answering questions, which are often inaccurate and result in unsustainable agreements.

The solution:

Give customers a simple, quick, digital self-serve solution, which combines accurate data from Open Banking and Credit Reference Agencies to build an Income and Expenditure assessments that reflects their current financial circumstances.

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The problem:

Consumers want access to the credit they need but they also want rates that are affordable for them and their life-style. To get the right affordability decision, lenders dedicate a lot of time, resources, and communication, resulting in costly overheads.

The solution:

Make the right affordability decision the first time, quickly and easily online through a digital Income and Expenditure. Open Banking, CRA data and Conversational AI provides up to date, accurate income, spending and commitment information, so that every decision made is based on real-time data.

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A holistic approach to affordability

To truly understand a persons affordability, you need more than just their income and expenditure information.

We've built MyBudget to gather and evidence a holistic view of consumers affordability. By combining Open Banking, Credit Reference Agency data and Conversational AI, MyBudget builds accurate budgets that capture a 360 view of affordability from every day spending to repayment commitments.

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