Help people borrow money

We help lenders make the right decisions for their customers by seamlessly integrating Open Banking into their business.

Unlocking the power of accurate, real-time and automated affordability assessments, quick and simple e-statements and customised and compliant authentication journeys. We help lenders create personalised products, with quicker, more sustainable decisions that mean happier customers.

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One single, simple and secure API

Integrate your customers financial information directly into your business.

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Take the stress out of I&Es

Give your customers an easy and engaging way to complete Income and Expenditure assessments.

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Make more accurate lending decisions

Use real-time payment data to assess creditworthiness and automate decisions.

We understand the challenges that lenders face


Lag between application and agreement

Save your customers time and effort by allowing them to provide income and expense information in an intuitive and frictionless way. Avoid duplicated effort or manual data input, reduce the number of customers in your documents pending queue and get to the right customer decision faster.


Out of date income and expense data

Bank statements only provide a snap-shot in time and no single month can be classed as typical. The OpenWrks platform lets your customers provide a current, real-time view as well as up to 3 years worth of historic income and spend so you can make the right lending decision for every customer.


Technical Complexity

Lenders are best at helping their customers get the finance they need. We’ve created applications that allows you to use Open Banking data to help more customers with faster, more accurate and sustainable outcomes. We eliminate needless technical complexity and shield you from the noise of any bank side updates, so you can focus on making the right customer decisions not technical support.


Why OpenWrks?



You can spend the next 12 months building an Open Banking connection to hundreds of banks, and then the rest of your business life supporting it, or you can use OpenWrks.

With over 100 years combined experience and expertise in the lending, credit and collections industry, we understand the day to day challenges that lenders face.


OpenWrks has been built to provide the specific solutions that lenders need in order to improve their customers everyday lives. Plus, we’re here to help. Not just tech support, we are practitioners, we turn data into valuable and actionable insight for lenders, partnering with us gives you access to our experts who can help you maximise the business value of Open Banking today.

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We help businesses that help people

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Repay money

Remove the stress of debt with sustainable and affordable repayment strategies for every customer based on detailed, real-time and bank verified information.

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Manage money

Help your customers take control of their financial future by powering your apps with real time spending, forecasting budgeting and money coaching tools.