New Day to start referring financially stretched customers to Tully and offer them a digital I&E journey

Sharing some great Tully news!

As of 8th November, we went live with new client NewDay, along with their sub brands Aqua, Fluid, Opus and Marbles. NewDay help customers be better with credit and aim to provide products that responsibly meet their needs, so we feel it’s a great pairing between them and Tully. 

The agents that will be referring to Tully typically help people who are really struggling to maintain payments and/or require debt advice, and they are excited to be able to offer their customers the opportunity to complete their I&E journey digitally rather than go through it manually.

We’re aiming to receive around 2,000 referrals a month; with 200 advisors trained and ready to refer to us across their Leeds and Basildon offices, with an additional 260 advisors in the next month, this referral number could be even higher. 

We’ll also be going along to NewDay offices this month for an awareness session, to arm their advisors with more information and understanding of Tully which hopefully will lead to higher referral volumes down the line.

At the moment, 75% of customers referred by New Day are coming to see how Tully can help them, and we are already seeing NewDay customers getting flexi-plan recommendations, which is a great start and hopefully we can build up from this.

This is a fantastic achievement for Tully and a great opportunity to help more customers go through the digital I&E journey.