OpenWrks launches Money Coaching to help everyone in the UK save for their financial goals

We’re very pleased to announce the official launch of Tully’s Money Coaching app on the 6th December as we sign with HSBC.

Money Coaching has been through a journey of beta testing, user testing and everything in between this year, so here are just a few highlights of the successes from the tests so far:

  • There was a 65% challenge pass rate
  • 100% of participants who were given weekly challenges re-engaged at least once, regardless of whether they passed or failed their challenge
  • The category challenges that stood out as the top 3 were retail, groceries and eating out (there have since been additional categories added to the original list so they are more specific i.e retail has been split into clothes, home etc)

HSBC  will be piloting our Money Coaching application over a 4-month test period to signpost customers in need of financial support.

Tully will be aiming to build 3,500 budgets for HSBC customers over 4 months, and aim to engage 650 customers with the Money Coaching app following their debt advice, to give them more long-term financial stability and wellbeing.

This is an incredible opportunity for Tully to gain more exposure and brand recognition through HSBC, and exciting to see Money Coaching in the pilot stage.

Fantastic work to everyone involved in both projects!