HSBC to start referring financially struggling customers to Tully in their new debt advice initiative

We have some more great Tully news to share with you all…

As of Monday 11th November, Tully went live with HMRC as a new client.

This is huge, both for Tully and from HMRC’s perspective. HMRC, before now, have never been involved in any debt advice initiative. They currently only refer 1 or 2 people a month to the likes of CAB or step change, but there is no concrete process in place to push referrals.

Enter Tully! Our initiative with HMRC will involve training the debt resolution team call centre which deals with tax credit overpayment debts (fun side note: the call centre is based in Kilbride in Scotland next to the Scottish Orange Elixir Factory otherwise known as Iron Bru).

The HMRC team are excited to be able to offer a lifeline to customers who are unable to repay their tax credit overpayments. They currently have 50 agents trained to signpost those in need of Tully’s advice, but the real opportunity comes in HMRC rolling out training to their 8,000 strong call centre staff who are engaged with all the other types of debt that HMRC collects.

As part of Tully’s initiative with HMRC, we are joining the Indesser framework; a centralised contracting entity for the government, designed so that once contracted with them, every other government agency can obtain the service without having to go through a long due diligence and contracting process. 

Indesser will allow us to offer Tully’s services to all other areas of central and local government which, I’m sure you’ll all agree, is huge news in terms of opening new doors for Tully and a massive step for government who are traditionally very stern in their attitudes towards debt repayment.

Fantastic news, great work everyone involved!