Underwriters Dashboard

Zero tech access to Open Banking insights

We've built the Underwriters Dashboard to help your customers seamlessly and securely access and share bank account information with your business at the touch of a button. 

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Make faster, more sustainable and personalised decisions for your customers.

The OpenWrks dashboard gives your staff a simple and consistent way to see the information they need to make affordability decisions that are more sustainable and personalised for customers.

After accessing their bank accounts through our GDPR compliant customer authentication journey, the OpenWrks platform transforms that raw data and delivers it to your agents through a simple and secure dashboard.

The OpenWrks platform



The OpenWrks platform is the backbone that everything we deliver is built on. It includes Flow, our GDPR compliant authentication journey and the standardised, categorised and profiled bank data that we receive from consumers. You can integrate this data from our platform directly into your business through our single secure OpenWrks API. 



We’ve built a suite of products that applies the data and insight from the OpenWrks platform, delivering it to the right place and in the right format for any use case. From simple, zero tech dashboards through to deeply integrated AI powered affordability assessments, the powerful OpenWrks product suite can flex to your precise business needs.



The challenges your customers face today are complex, but they want you to solve those challenges in as seamless a way as possible. The OpenWrks platform and products can be combined and integrated to create entirely bespoke solutions to your customers challenges and your business operations.

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