We’re working to eliminate the need for customers to provide page after page of bank statements. 

OpenAffordability uses real-time and historic account information to help you accurately analyse the income and expenditure of your customers. It means you can make faster and more sustainable bank verified affordability decisions, to give your customers the right financial outcome.

OpenWrks lets your customers seamlessly access their account information through a GDPR compliant customer authentication journey, then share the OpenWrks platform transforms the raw data from any bank account, assessing and categorising it precisely to fit your affordability requirements.

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OpenWrks Open Banking API

OpenAffordability is powered by the OpenWrks platform




Our GDPR compliant authentication flow lets your customers connect your business to their bank through a seamless, secure and customised journey. Flow can be introduced directly into your existing application journey, or kicked off by an agent at the most appropriate time for your customers.



The OpenWrks engine transforms raw data from any UK bank into a standardised, categorised and profiled view of your customers’ income and spending patterns so you can quickly understand your customers specific circumstances and deliver the right customer decision. 



Surface is how you receive your customers transformed bank data, so you get the answers you need exactly where you need them most. Whether that’s plugged directly into your existing systems via the OpenWrks API or if you just want the answer then use our out of the box surface dashboard. The Surface Dashboard presents the data in a simple online format, that lets your team quickly make the right decision for every customer. 

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One single, simple and secure API

Integrate your customers financial information directly into your business.

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Instant access to bank statements

Save your customers time by taking away the need to download, scan and send statements with instant access to 12 months of digital bank statements.