Help people manage their money

We power the apps and businesses that help people save or make more money by seamlessly integrating Open Banking into their digital experiences.

By unlocking the power of accurate, reliable and enhanced real-time financial data, the OpenWrks toolkit allows you to create richly personalised products, services and experiences that empower customers to get a handle on their finances.

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We understand the challenges that money managers face

Data quality and consistency

Before you can create the worlds best financial management tool, the basics of bank coverage and consistancy of connectivity have to be more robust. The bank authorised OpenWrks API plugs straight into the UKs biggest retail banks allowing your customers to seamlessly, securely and consistently share their bank account information with your business, so you can focus time and energy on helping people take control of their finances.


Data standarisation and categorisation

Gathering, understanding and making huge volumes of bank account data useful, takes years to do well. We know, we've already been doing it for years. The OpenWrks engine turns raw data from all of the UK's biggest retail banks into easy to implement, standardised, categorised and profiled transaction data meaning you can give your customers the rich and valuable experience they expect from today's best financial management tools.


Not bank authorised

Until now, financial management tools have been unable to use bank approved authorisation to connect to customer current accounts and have been named as a risk in account providers terms and conditions. OpenWrks only provide account information through the bank approved Open Banking APIs. Your customers remain truly in control of their bank account information, they never need to provide full account log in information to access your product so your business is able to focus on building a better product not mitigating risk of bank disconnection.

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Why OpenWrks?



You can spend the next 12 months building an Open Banking connection to hundreds of banks, and then the rest of your business life supporting that, or you can use OpenWrks.

With over 100 years combined experience and expertise in the financial services industry including already building and operating two successful open data platforms, we understand the day to day challenges that those creating financial management tools face.


We built OpenWrks to deliver Open Banking data, tools and capability into our own financial management app. So if you partner with us we’re able to help. Not just tech support, we are practitioners, we know what data you need and how to turn it into actionable insight for your customers.

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Repay money

Remove the stress of debt with sustainable and affordable repayment strategies for every customer based on detailed, real-time and bank verified information.

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Borrow money

Help more people get the money they need and can afford. With bank verified affordability information you can make faster, more accurate and tailored lending decisions for every customer.