Compliance Testing

Helping ASPSPs meet PSD2 deadlines

OpenWrks have over 3 years experience working with Open Banking Implementation Entity (OBIE) and, over 2 years experience working with the CMA9 helping them test, validate and bring their Open Banking APIs to market. We know all the pitfalls and obstacles when it comes to Open Banking and PSD2 conformance.

Our compliance testing programme can bring the full weight of that expertise to bear on your business, helping you avoid the problems that others have already made.

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How it works




Throughout the compliance testing programme we will become your TPP partner. Kicking off with a workshop to scope the programme we will then work closely with your technical team, using your sandbox (if you have one) to hit all of your API endpoints, we will then feedback details on conformance, raise any bugs or issues and make recommendations. Daily or weekly check in sessions with your team on progress and activity and we'll continually retest fixes as they get released. 

As well as technical testing we can also provide operational readiness testing to ensure front line staff are ready to deal with enquiries and even provide user experience reviews of your consent flows.

At the end of the project you will get a full report detailing all our findings, including the results of testing, bugs found and any suggested recommendations.

The OpenWrks platform



The OpenWrks platform is the backbone that everything we deliver is built on. It includes Flow, our GDPR compliant authentication journey and the standardised, categorised and profiled bank data that we receive from consumers. You can integrate this data from our platform directly into your business through our single secure OpenWrks API. 



We’ve built a suite of applications that applies the data and insight from the OpenWrks platform, delivering it to the right place and in the right format for any use case. From simple, zero tech dashboards through to deeply integrated AI powered affordability assessments, the powerful OpenWrks application suite can flex to your precise business needs.



The challenges your customers face today are complex, but they want you to solve those challenges in as seamless a way as possible. The OpenWrks platform and products can be combined and integrated to create entirely bespoke solutions to your customers challenges and your business operations.

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